Gallions Imaginative Play

Gallions Primary School

Gallions Primary is a large Primary School in the heart of East London. They had recently had some equipment removed from their Early Years playground and now required the space to be re-developed. It was important to incorporate new surfacing within this development as the removals had left the playground in a bit of a mess! As this was for the EYFS Playground they wanted a space that the children could engage in some imaginative and physical play. This was the second project that Schoolscapes had undertaken for this School.

Seeing how much the children enjoyed riding their tricycles around the playground we felt it would be beneficial to incorporate a trackway within the surfacing design. To add to the imaginative play value Synthetic Grass islands, a bridge and a Garage were included. This allowed us to cover the existing damaged surface but also provide a fun and active play space.

Early Years Development

The playground is now much brighter and exciting. The role play is encouraging the children to be more social, develop their interactive skills and language as well as encouraging them to be more physically active.

Schoolscapes have just completed a wonderful bike track in our EYFS playground. The track has a bridge, a zebra crossing, grassed areas and a garage which all help encourage the children to talk, role play and ultimately adds to the fun! Throughout the process, design – installation, the company were great! The children now have a bright, engaging new playground to enjoy. We are now moving on to designing our KS2 playground which, without doubt, we will contact Schoolscapes to help us with.

Rhian Walstone Deputy Headteacher

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