Schoolscapes will take all necessary steps to minimise its environmental impact.

Materials used in manufacture will be assessed for their environmental impact and this will be taken into account in purchasing decisions.

Energy efficiency – Premises will be insulated and heat will be conserved. Heating will be closely monitored for efficiency (see ‘wastage’ below).

Vehicle usage will be kept to a minimum. Customer visits will only be undertaken if it is not possible to liaise and plan an installation by other means. Digital Photography and Internet Technology will be used in place of personal travel where appropriate. Vehicles will be chosen for fuel efficiency. Deliveries will be consolidated to reduce the number of journeys made by carriers.

Wastage will be kept to a minimum and waste produced will be disposed of in accordance with current legislation and following best practice principles. Use of environmentally hazardous materials will be avoided where possible. All steps will be taken to prevent direct and indirect pollution of the environment during any handling and use of hazardous materials.

Schoolscapes environmental policy has been developed into an environmental management system which has achieved ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.

A company’s environmental performance can have a significant impact on its success. ISO 14001:2004 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Registration confirms: –

  • A demonstration of high environmental standards
  • A demonstration of compliance with legislation
  • Improved efficiency

ISO 14001:2004 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system. Fulfilling these requirements demands objective evidence which can be audited to demonstrate that the company’s environmental management system is operating effectively in conformity to the standard.

ISO 14001:2004 is a tool that can be used to meet internal objectives by: –

  • providing assurance to management that it is in control of the organisational processes and activities which have an impact on the environment
  • assuring employees that they are working for an environmentally responsible organisation.

ISO 14001:2004 can also be used to meet external objectives by: –

  • providing assurance on environmental issues to external stakeholders – such as customers, the community and regulatory agencies
  • complying with environmental regulations
  • supporting the organisation’s claims and communication about its own environmental policies, plans and actions

As such the products offered by Schoolscapes provide our customers with improved environmental operations and provides evidence of our commitment to the environment.

For further information, please contact Schoolscapes, 11-12 Dunveth Business Park, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7FE, Tel: 01208 816620, Fax: 01208 816642 or use the contact us form.