Get Comfy, World Book Day is on the Horizon

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day this March

At Schoolscapes we truly understand the importance of reading and learning from books all the year around. But, we particularly love to join in with this fun celebration of books and reading for World Book Day on 5th March 2020, alongside all the schools, nurseries and families out there! For many, this provides an opportunity to celebrate authors, illustrators, poets, books of all types and genres and more importantly just the power of reading!

Looking for inspiration this World Book Day? Why not take reading outside and create an exciting and enticing outdoors reading space for your little ones to enjoy? Taking a book out into the fresh air and cosying up under the blue skies, or under natures green dappled light… what could be more relaxing and special? An outdoor Storytelling Area makes story time even more exciting but often provides a peaceful sanctuary in which to delve into a book.

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Allow Children to find Adventure Their Way

Many children love to share a story or a non-fiction book with a friend, an adult or relish in being granted the time to freely browse their favourite book. Being given permission and extended time to read improves children’s self-confidence and inspires their imagination, taking them on a journey of discovery. They have the time to follow their own interests and learn through a new reading adventure, whether through the illustrations, photographs, captions or text. Let’s all take time out to read this World Book Day; I think I’ll be heading outdoors and rolling into a comfy hammock myself!

You can quickly and simply create a wonderful reading space in any size or shape area. If you’re feeling creative just raise a pop-up tent outside with a few blankets and cushions, or string up a colourful tarpaulin across your space to create an intriguing shelter. A fun, portable idea is to fill a wheelie crate or wheelie bag with books and a blanket so the children can choose their own personalised reading location, and even move base when they feel like it.

Storytelling Spaces for World Book Day

This may be the perfect time to think about reorganising your outdoor space and perhaps you’d love to take this opportunity to establish a more permanent, inspiring book corner outside. If so, then our Teepee and Jungle Play Den may provide the perfect solution, or if you’re looking for a very versatile outdoor storytelling space our beautiful, mobile Storyteller’s Chair and Seating Cubes can be regularly placed in any arrangement of your choice and moved as often as you like.

If you have a larger space you’d like to dedicate to story-telling and reading, why not create a community reading area including a magical Storyteller’s Chair for both adults and children to enjoy alongside some practical Amphitheatre Seating benches, providing seating for the rest of the class to comfortably listen to a story, view delightful illustrations or enjoy discovering new facts.

World Book Day - School Reading Spaces
Primary and Secondary World Book Day Resources:

Of course, once you’ve made your cosy, inspirational book corners, you may be looking for some fun ideas to engage the children and adults further in this wonderful celebration of all things book. We know how busy you are, so we recommend that you take a look at the comprehensive, dedicated World Book Day website for a whole range of fantastic, fun ideas. They’ve partnered with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) and put together a set of 20 different ideas for celebrating books and reading for Primary and Secondary Schools.

The Big Book Off has been created to make sure the gains of celebrating books and reading on World Book Day continue to ripple long beyond the day itself. It provides fun book-related activities around the action words create, imagine, discover, explore and experience, sharing many ideas for sharing books and reading. There are activity sheets, resources and case studies for each activity when you visit.

Download the Primary Challenge Sheet.


Download the Secondary Challenge Sheet.

So whether you yourself or your children are dressing up as a hero or a villain, from Harry Potter to Matilda, or Little Red Riding Hood to a knight, we know that you’ll all enjoy taking your World Book Day Challenges into the great outdoors! Above all else, make sure you make the time in your life and within a busy, modern curriculum to read, enjoy and share your favourite books, as well as discovering new ones with your pupils, friends and family.

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