Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park Primary School had a large playspace with a mismatch of tired equipment in need of replacing. The loose bark surfacing was also becoming an issue for the school as it had turned to mud. It was important for us to include a variety of activities, from imaginative play areas to challenging climbing equipment.

Working alongside the school, we created an engaging play area which encourages children to make use of the whole space. Different levels of challenge appeal to varying abilities and age groups. Climbing, sliding and active play are counterbalanced perfectly with the Jungle Play Den and Teepee, which are ideal for providing spaces for imagination and creativity. The Resin Bound Rubber Bark provides a suitable safety surface and allows for all-weather play.

The school is delighted with the transformation of the playground. The children are extremely happy with their new varied play equipment, which appeals to both super climbers and children who prefer more ground-based fun. Since the project has been installed, the school has also seen a real improvement in social interaction between the children.

The Development

We had a mismatch of equipment which was at the point of replacing. We wanted to have a playground surface that could be used throughout the year so that children maximised the time on the equipment. We chose equipment that was different from the local park and what was in our school before. We wanted a range of play – which supports social interaction (ie the tepee and den), imaginative play as well play equipment to challenge the adventurous.

The diversity means that the whole area is used and there is no queuing (apart from the slide). The space between the structures allows flow so that children can get to all equipment easily. There is enough variety to appeal to those super climbers and those that prefer more ground based fun. The children are really happy, engaged and so look forward to their time slot on the equipment!

Schoolscapes were excellent and gave realistic advice – a very good design which leapt out from the competitors. A good team of organisation and installation which went smoothly.

Helen Gaffney

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