‘Hands-on’ learning for EYFS and KS1-2

The Water Play Wall is the latest in the Schoolscapes range of Curriculum Linked equipment that allows children to develop an understanding of the world through play-based learning.

Watch and guide the children as they learn Scientific and Social skills. Working in groups to solve problems, discover scientific principles, enhance maths, writing and verbal language.  You will be fascinated by what you can do with the Schoolscapes Water Play Wall.

The interactive elements of the Water Play Wall are magnetic and can be located and relocated absolutely anywhere on the dry-wipe backing board.  Designed for permanent outdoor use, the equipment can be used in lessons but also forms a focal point for play. 

The permutations are virtually endless!

Designed and tested by Primary Schools, The Water Play Wall encourages children to learn through play. The movable, re-locatable, connectable parts, allow the children total control of the play and learning opportunities. Children can become the designer, write observations and record results. The teacher can set problems and allow the children to find the solution.

If you are looking for a product which works across the key stages, has lots of learning possibilities, is fun, and is a great addition to any outdoors learning environment this is the product.

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Key Uses

  • Problem solving

  • Scientific enquiry

  • Mathematics

  • Language development

  • Team work and communication

  • Pupil led discovery

  • Teacher led learning

Water Play For Primary Schools

Water Wall Testimonial

" The learning possibilities with the water wall are endless. It promotes kinaesthetic learning through physical development and gross motor skills with children manipulating the moveable hooks and guttering to design, construct and modify a water system. Problem solving skills are tested through exploration of cause and effect, challenging resilience and reasoning abilities. Collaborative learning is enhanced through team work, communicative skills, turn taking, sharing ideas and working together through trial and error.

The Water Play Wall enables children in the early years to engage in open ended activities which promote those key characteristics of effective learning, finding out and exploring, creating and thinking critically and active learning.

For older children, mathematical, scientific and technological concepts can be demonstrated through visual and tactile methods which engage, motivate and challenge. "

Cath Sandow - St. Hilary School

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