Tregolls Primary School

Tregolls School had a large open play area that was being governed by Football and was stopping other children engaging in different activities. They wanted to create a focused sports area that would also help with combating behavioural issues.

This project was designed to be completed in multiple phases as funding needed to be accessed. The Double Court system allows specific space for multi-sports, games and exercise. The 3G Pitch provides a safe, cushioned surface that is suitable in all weathers. Schoolscapes were not only able to design and build this project; we also assisted the School with their successful funding applications.

New All Seasons Sports Pitch

The addition of the designated Sports areas has been invaluable to the School. Not only has it encouraged more children to partake in sports it has decreased behavioural issues and increased their concentration during lessons. This was noted by Ofsted as one of the school's Outstanding features.

‘‘We have always found Schoolscapes to be very professional. They complete complex projects on time and on budget with the minimum amount of disruption.”

M. Middlemore (Head Teacher)

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