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STEM / STEAM is an integrated curriculum based on the concept of teaching children in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) and Mathematics. The benefits of STEM learning are becoming increasingly important in our society as technology continues to advance and be a part of our everyday lives.

With our range of outdoor STEM products, teaching these subject does not have to remain exclusively in the classroom. STEM learning can also be incorporated in a an effective way into the concept and design of your outdoor learning environments to give children early exposure to STEM in a fun and approachable way.

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STEM lessons are well rounded, project and inquiry based. STEM teaching teaches the skills children will need to work and problem solve in their daily lives, in the real world. Rarely does a job require only one skill set. Our STEM products help children to learn how to think critically and evaluate information and how to apply knowledge to problem solve. 

Our new Maths Wall has been developed specifically to support the integration of maths teaching and learning across the curriculum and enables maths to be easily taken outside during both directed and independent learning times. Our exclusive Maths Wall provides the perfect platform for children to develop maths mastery, whilst using and applying maths in real, purposeful outdoors investigations.

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