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We've been working with Primary Schools across England to improve their Outdoor Activity prevision, using their Sports Premium. PE only lasts an hour or two a week but here's what you can do during the other 30+.

Just before the summer holidays, Ofsted asked schools to provide more opportunities for pupils to "get out of breath", with parents saying there's not enough PE in the curriculum. But Ofsted also said schools shouldn't take responsibility in halving childhood obesity, and the curriculum is so tight that foundation subjects are being pushed out already. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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Our top five reasons to choose a flexible playground:

1. Pupils are able to get moving without prescribed sport (even those who dislike PE, as exercise can be seamlessly integrated with play)

2. Our practical yet attractive equipment becomes a fantastic, funky asset to your school from day one

3. Pupils access more ways of getting active than PE typically offers; building upper and lower muscle strength with body-weight equipment

4. Flexible playgrounds can be used as part of PE, playtimes, extra-curricular clubs, or even during desk-based lessons

5. Our equipment is a more effective way to spend your Sports Premium, because it can be used by every pupil, every day, for generations to come

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