"We need to improve our outdoor environment to offer quality sports, play and learning facilities, but we don’t have enough funds”

Schoolscapes can help!

Playground Equipment and exciting Outdoor Projects can be expensive. School budgets are tight and traditional school fundraising whilst helpful, is often slow and unlikely to raise the full cost of the project. Schoolscapes is therefore pleased to be able to offer DfE approved Operating Leases which allow you to order your new playground facilities today (Outdoor Play and Learning Equipment – including Gazebos, Pergolas and Shelters) and spread the cost over 5 – 7 years!

Leasing your outdoor equipment makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • DfE approved method of financing school assets.
  • Schools automatically approved for up to £65,000 of funding*.
  • Leases typically last 5–7 years and your Schoolscapes equipment will last considerably longer than that!
  • Costs equate to around 3.7% per year.
  • Allows other forms of fundraising to target less urgent or less expensive projects.

*True Operating Lease. This is a lease product, available to Schoolscapes customers, which has been specifically designed to conform to DfE guidelines. Our leasing partners are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Playground Projects are an ideal asset to acquire using an Operating Lease. Why? Because the lease period is generally only 5 -7 years whereas the life of the asset will be considerably longer. You can rest assured that the asset will continue to benefit the school long after it has been paid for and the lease has come to an end. DfE guidance states: “Leasing ... can be a great way for schools to secure the equipment they need to provide a first-class education for their students. It can also free up much needed capital for use in other areas of the school and save you from having to use valuable funds to buy equipment outright.” DfE guidance “Leasing and subscription services for school equipment. Guidance for school leaders, school staff and governing bodies.” January 2017

Contact our expert Schoolscapes Play Consultants for more information regarding this cost-effective, DfE approved method of financing your Outdoor Project: 01208 816620