Playground Equipment Brochures and Information

Our product and information brochures contain all you need to make that leap from vision to reality. Learn about our past projects in the Case Studies Booklet, find out the elements you need to build the best MUGA for your school, or browse our new range of outdoor gym equipment. Your playground is important, but how you transform your play space is entirely based on your school's wants and needs. Have some fun with it, make it your own!

Playground Brochure
Whether you're looking for a planter or a full play trail, the Playground Brochure contains all of our key products to fill your playground to the brim with exciting new learning and play opportunities. Spark your imagination with our storytelling package, or build a challenging adventure trail that will stimulate your pupils minds and muscles as they test their limits.
Case Studies Booklet Download
Outdoor Play Ideas Book
The Outdoor Play Ideas Book contains many of our completed projects for you to find inspiration. If you are in need of ideas for your play space, this is the perfect place to start looking. With comments from head teachers, immersive imagery, and details of our process throughout the projects, you will gain a realistic insight into what it is like to work with Schoolscapes.
MUGA Product Information Download
MUGA Product Information
So, you want to build a MUGA? We have all of the components you will need to install an attractive and safe games area. Whether is it to be for all sorts of games or dedicated to a single sport, we are certain you will find what you need. This information pack details each element of a MUGA as well as the specifications required, a great place to start if you're planning a MUGA for your school.
Gym Equipment Manual Download
Gym Equipment Lesson Plan
We have updated our range of children's outdoor gym equipment! This download contains our full range from the Elliptical Cross Trainer to the Balance Beams. Outdoor gyms are the perfect space for children to engage in active play while building their strength and socialising with other children. Find out what equipment will fit into your outdoor training space.