How will you spend your Sport Premium?

Sports Premium

What is the ‘PE and Sport Premium’ and why is it doubling?

The PE and sport premium is a grant awarded to schools across the UK each year to improve the sport and PE lessons and extracurricular activities offered. The difference is this year that this grant has been doubled, giving schools more funding than ever before, to help improve sports for primary school children across the country.

The concept behind the grant is to improve fitness, build confidence and increase general well-being of primary school-aged pupils. It has been confirmed that from this September (September 2017) the PE and sport premium will be doubled, to help further improve physical education and outdoor play in England.

The aim of doubling the funding is to help prevent childhood obesity and encourage children from five to ten years old to lead more active lives, starting at school. By awarding eligible schools more funds, this makes improving the physical education and sport on offer much easier, enhancing pupil learning experiences.


Is my school eligible?

Most primary schools across the country will receive this grant; this includes schools run by the local authority, academies, free schools, special schools for children with learning disabilities, pupil referral units, and general hospitals that educate their patients while undergoing treatment. The schools that will not receive this funding include nursery schools, studio schools, university technical colleges, and independent schools. (You can check if your school is eligible via the Direct Gov website.)

How much will the school receive?

The amount that your school will receive in 20017 to 2018 will depend on a range of factors, including the number of pupils in years 1 – 6. If year groups aren’t used, pupils aged between five and ten will be used to determine the amount of funding given. Schools with 16 or less eligible pupils will receive £1,000 per pupil. While schools with 17 or more eligible pupils will receive £16,000 plus £10 per pupil.

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What should the premium be used for?

The PE and sport premium should be used to enhance the sport and PE that your school offers its pupils. This means the funding should be used for one of two things: to develop or add to the PE and sport that your school already offers or to make improvements now that future pupils will benefit from increased activity.

This could be by hiring skilled coaches to work with your current sports teachers, improving activity levels. Or it could mean introducing new sports or activities for your pupils could also mean offering more extracurricular sports clubs, competitions, and activities. There are so many options and ideas to consider.

How should you spend your Sport Premium?

To get the most out of your school sports premium, finding ways to improve the pupil’s experience at your school is vital. Whether that means overhauling your sports field and building new areas for activities, such as outdoor games areas, new sports markings, creating an outdoor gym zone, or a fitness trail play area, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you find ways to not only enhance your school sports opportunities but also to make physical activity more fun and enjoyable for your pupils.

There are some incredible products on our website that have been developed especially for helping to make staying active more fun for kids, helping to reduce childhood obesity through increasing participation in sport and physical play, motivating children to lead healthier and happier lives. Our range of sports products helps to ensure that children leave primary school with the sports skills necessary to achieve great things at secondary school level, and will have a love of sport for life.

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How will you increase physical activity within your school?

When it comes to spending your sport premium, there are so many exciting options that will allow you to achieve a range of objectives, including increasing pupil sports participation and excitement about sports events, gaining a lifelong love of sports and physical activity, and broadening the sports opportunities available to pupils. Another objective may include training pupils to become young sports ambassadors who can aid other students with break time physical activity, setting up sports events and games.

By doubling your school’s opportunities with the new sports premium, you can give every pupil a better chance of achieving sporting success and learning to love physical education. You can also improve the facilities that your school is able to offer your current and future pupils, improving the play equipment for break times, as well as the sports equipment for PE and sports events.

This funding comes with so much potential for your school, giving you the opportunity to make changes that will enhance the experience your school offers, putting your pupils in the best stead for success when they leave you to attend secondary school after year six.

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