Somerville Primary School

When we were asked to provide a proposal for the project, the existing space had several temporary classrooms located on site, the children desperately needed more space to play and the plans needed to provide adequate free space due to the volume of children using the area at once.

The school wanted to create different levels and different zones to accommodate the different year groups. The main priorities were to create an outdoor learning area, a performance area and two physically challenging active areas for the different Key Stages. Jan was also really keen to include a mound of some kind to soften the landscape. The project needed to be completed in the Summer Holidays to be organsied alongside other contractors already booked in to remove the temporary classrooms which required Schoolscapes dedication to act quickly to the brief provided.

Schoolscapes created a design that provided visual boundaries using different surfacing colours, and textures to provide perimeters without the need for physical divides, the KS1 children now use the bridge at the edge of their play zone and enjoy testing their boundaries and giggle as they dip their toe over the line.

Primary School Outdoor Play Project

The area now has 4 zones for the children to play in at different times to help prevent play time accidents and ensure everyone gets to enjoy the play area.

Schoolscapes fully supported our school’s vision for a new playground from conception to end product. Engaging with the children and staff; they were able to produce exciting visuals from our aspirational wish list and broad ideas. Their expertise in creating, what is considered by all, to be a visually enhancing, bespoke, adventurous, yet safe playground, central to our children’s enjoyment throughout the whole school day.

Mr M J Forber
Executive Headteacher
Somerville Nursery and Somerville Primary Schools

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