The Park

A luxury seaside holiday resort required an exciting new play area suitable for a varied age group.

The sea-themed Adventure Tower is designed to suit a multitude of users with its multi-height decks. It allows children of all ages to play together in unison. The Hexagonal Climbing Frame compliments the tower, providing additional fun and challenge.

Now that children of all ages are able to play together, feedback received from guests has been incredibly positive.

The Development

The team at Schoolscapes have been a joy to work with, from start to finish. From the first site visit, our consultant understood our needs and most importantly our budget. They spent the time to explain the different options available, how these would be of benefit to the children using the facilities, and how the process would work.

This enabled us to make an informed decision that we were all very comfortable with. The visuals that we were presented with were of a very high standard and really helped to make an informed decision, with no pressure to complete at any point. The installation team was very polite and efficient.

The end result was a completely new playground, catering for a range of age groups, that our guests have been incredibly happy with. The team have been incredibly helpful throughout the process, and are always on hand with any queries that we may have. I would highly recommend Schoolscapes for any similar projects.

Holly Hipkins, Financial Director

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