Retail Therapy with a Twist and Shout!

Lakeside Village Shopping Centre Play Park

Discover why South Yorkshire residents now consider shopping a family day out.

Shop owners, shoppers and children alike are delighted with the installation of an amazing, new play park, nestled in Lakeside Village, a large Outlet Shopping Centre located in the heart of Doncaster. Customers are so pleased with the exciting changes. Now, not only can they purchase everything they need, but they can also ensure their youngsters have a fantastic day out too, by incorporating a free session of park fun into their shopping spree!


Playground Inspection Checklist

Playground Inspection

Regularly inspecting both the equipment and the grounds of a playground installation ensures it remains a safe place for children to play and have fun. It helps to plan and follow a timetable of regular playground inspections, which then results in any required maintenance work or preventative actions being detected and implemented as soon as possible.

In an educational setting, playgrounds should be inspected by a responsible member of staff on a daily basis, or before less regular use, to ensure that the playing space remains safe. However, a more detailed, scheduled, regular maintenance inspection should always take place. This can be easily set up and carried out in-house by your establishment and then any advice sought regarding any maintenance work required.


Get Comfy, World Book Day is on the Horizon

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day this March

At Schoolscapes we truly understand the importance of reading and learning from books all the year around. But, we particularly love to join in with this fun celebration of books and reading for World Book Day on 5th March 2020, alongside all the schools, nurseries and families out there! For many, this provides an opportunity to celebrate authors, illustrators, poets, books of all types and genres and more importantly just the power of reading!


Playground Design Glossary

Critical Fall Height

This is the maximum height that a child could fall from a piece of equipment. Take a tower as an example; the highest height of the tower itself might be 3.5m while the highest accessible platform might be 1.5m. The Critical Fall Height of the tower would be 1.5m, as this is the highest point on the product that they can access.

Once the Critical Fall Height is determined, it is possible to find the required surface depth for your playground. This ensures you are using the correct depth in your surface for each separate piece of equipment. Don’t forget, each piece will have different fall heights so this is important.

These are the recommended surface depths that our surfacing team works to based on a measured Critical Fall Height.

Critical Fall Height(m) Minimum Depth(mm)
1.3 40
1.5 50
1.7 60
1.9 70
2.3 80
2.4 90
2.7 100
2.9 110
3.2 130

Wet Pour

Playground Surfacing, Rubber Crumb, Soft Surfacing, Soft Tarmac

Ground rubber is formed into this impact absorbing surface. Wet Pour is the popular option for finishing a ground surface in order to add colour, patterns and structure.

Not only will a playground become much more aesthetically pleasing with the addition of Wet Pour, the opportunities it opens up to the playground are vast. Trackways can be designed and made from the surfacing. The playground can be separated by borders, lines and shapes in order to keep dedicated spaces for different play types. Graphics can be made out of the surfacing in order to aid learning through play while other shapes can be made for playing games.

View our gallery of Wet Pour projects for a better understanding of how the surfacing can be best utilised.

The Truth about how Movement effects Children

5 Senses, 6 Senses… or should it be 7?

Did you know that children of different ages and nationalities have been reported to be frequently falling off their chairs at school?  Why are more and more children finding it hard to hold a pencil and lack the stamina to write, for even short periods of time? Why do children lose focus and have shorter attention spans? What has contributed to a huge rise in attention deficit disorders? It may sound like an unreal scenario, but unfortunately, this is the daily reality and challenge faced by many teachers across the country.

So, what has changed over the decades, to make simple, everyday tasks more of a physical challenge for young people today? Here are 3 of the contributing factors affecting children today.