Our Initiative to Support Beach Safety in Cornwall

Portreath Surf Lifesaving Club Sponsor

Why We Care

Schoolscapes are a well-known manufacturer in the UK education sector for our innovative play and learning environments. As members of RoSPA, our playgrounds are designed to be fun and educational without any sacrifice to safety. Schoolscapes, based in Wadebridge, is close to the beautiful beaches of the north coast of Cornwall where many of our staff enjoy surfing and other ocean sports. Recently, we established a new partnership to promote children’s well being linked to beach safety.

Holiday visitors flock to the area every year, but many are unaware that the sea can present hidden dangers. Even playing and swimming at the edge of the surf has its risks and inexperienced swimmers and surfers can get into difficulties due to rip currents or big waves. Fortunately, beach safety is continuously under the watchful eye of the RNLI lifeguards who are supported by the many Surf Lifesaving Clubs in Cornwall and around the country’s coastline. We greatly admire what they do, and to show our support we wanted to contribute to the cause.

What the Club Are Doing

Portreath Surf Lifesaving Club is based on the north coast of Cornwall and has a very active membership. Children as young as six can start with swimming lessons in the local indoor pool and then graduate to the surf once they have acquired confidence and skills. The clubs encourage the competitive spirit and regularly compete against each other in local, national and even international championships. Many of the older members go on to become RNLI Lifeguards to continue contributing to beach safety in the future.

The club’s activities are also a fantastic, fun way for the children to be physically active and improve their health and fitness. Sometimes this can even encourage children to grow up with an interest in joining the RNLI, meaning more support for the team and awareness of what they do. We want to see children growing up with a healthy lifestyle to benefit them in the future.

Our Contribution

Teamwork is vital to the effectiveness of a Surf Lifesaving Club. A team kit can help enhance team spirit through wearing tee-shirts, bibs and wetsuits, but these can be expensive and difficult to fund. We want to help the Portreath Surf Life Saving Club so that they can focus on doing what they do, and as a local company who share an interest in promoting safe, healthy play and leisure activities we see it fit that we sponsor the club by providing all 130 members with the competition shirts they need.

The Schoolscapes team hope their sponsorship will help the Lifesavers to success in competition and in their work of keeping Portreath beach safe.

Portreath Surf Lifesaving Club

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