Make your Children Smile with an Inclusive Playground

Make your Children Smile with an Inclusive Playground

Imagine how it feels to be only able to watch other children play? For some children, playtime can be a lonely time when they feel isolated and unable to participate in games and use the equipment that other children take for granted. Other children may be able to let off steam and express themselves easier in an outdoor environment. All children love to be independent.

At Schoolscapes we believe that playtime can be inclusive and provide fun and happy memories for everyone. Discover our wide range of sensory and specialist equipment that can engage and inspire children of every age and all abilities. We believe that there should be something for everyone in every outdoor play area.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for creating a fun and inclusive playground for all:

Outdoor Instruments

Outdoor Instruments for Inclusive Playgrounds

All children love to express their emotions and create their own compositions using our beautiful rainbow Chimes, which can be wall mounted or post mounted at different heights to suit every user.

They also love our amazing Giant Chimes which go right down to the ground, colourful Tung Drums, Congas Trio, shiny outdoor Cymbals, which can be played from a sitting or standing position. Children will enjoy the success they achieve by independently creating their own musical compositions. For some children being given the chance to exert their emotions creatively, will put them in a better place for learning.

Creative Fun
Our practical Poly Painting station, which can be either post or wall mounted, is perfect for children to express their emotions through art. They can colour mix and express their feelings and ideas through images.

Our cool Sand Pendulum will allow children to freely and independently create unique patterns, whilst exploring scientific concepts of forces: movement, friction and gravity. Children will love the chance to successfully and independently create a unique water-way with our ingenious Water Wall or River Rapids.

Low Level Planters

Sensory Planter Stax for Inclusive Playgrounds

Our innovative Window Planter allows children to experience the growth of plants with sensory features that they can listen to, smell, taste and look carefully at them. They will also be able to witness first-hand the development of the plants, by being able to observe changes under the soil.

They will also love to watch the creatures that are abundant below the surface too. Take a look at our clever, stackable Sensory Planter Stax, which can be designed to fit any child’s needs and can be used as a planter or for outside storage.

Picnic Benches and Tables
We love our Access 6 Table and Integrated Picnic Bench which comes with or without a games top, as they are perfect to enable children with all needs to play comfortably side by side. All children will be able to naturally gather and work collaboratively, draw, write, eat, play or just rest and chat around a table together.

Play Fun
All aboard! Our Hexagonal Inclusive Tower gives all children the chance to get up high and to look down on their world below. Able bodied children and wheel chair users can naturally play together on a fun, high-level adventure. It can be modified and adjusted to allow all age groups and abilities unrestricted access.

Our stunning Large Clipper Play Ship also allows all users access to collaborative, imaginative play. The Wavy Bridge and Timber Baby Bridge also enable all children to easily cross with their ramps that slope gently up and down at both ends.

Wheelchair Swing

Wheelchair Swing

All children love to fly and cruise through the air! Why not install our amazing Inclusive Wheelchair Swing and let all your children experience the exhilaration of swinging up to the clouds without a care in the world? What could be more exciting than independently and freely accessing a swing for the first time? This feeling should be one all children get to experience, not one just reserved for a few lucky ones.

Inclusive Roundabout
Discover how safe and amazing this colourful Roundabout is! Its innovative design enables all children to spin around side by side and there is no chance of injurie whilst ascending and descending, as it sits flush to the ground, enabling safe and easy access. How exciting for all children to be able to experience the sensation of spinning!

At the beginning of June 2018 Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon opened Scotland’s first inclusive play park in Fife, so we are pleased that the movement for inclusivity for all, has finally started to reach the playground industry. At Schoolscapes we feel have always believed that playgrounds should be an exciting and fun facility to be enjoyed by all.

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