Priority Inclusive Play – A Play Space for Everyone

Inclusive Play for Every Child

An inclusive playground is a harmonious, joyful place where all children feel at their happiest whilst having the freedom to choose how to use their free time and play together naturally. An inclusive play space is both an asset and an essential requirement for every educational environment, providing a recreational area where peoples’ differences are celebrated and where journeys of discovery and adventure are not only unhindered but enhanced.

A truly inclusive play area offers opportunities, fun and adventure for every child. Integrated playgrounds allow children with all kinds of physical, emotional and learning disabilities to take risks and meet challenges, as well as allowing wheelchair access, so no child is denied the freedom that play can offer. All children can play together in one, universal, accessible play space.

Attractive and Accessible Designs

At Schoolscapes we take pride in our long-standing philosophy of ensuring that our inspirational playground designs are both attractive and accessible to children of all abilities and ages. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your play space meets your specific needs and help you to celebrate the diversity of your pupils by opening up a welcoming world of play for all your children within your special setting.

All children are individuals and understandably different in their needs and preferences. We aim to include something for everyone in our unique play spaces, developing children’s sensory, social, emotional and physical skills.

Memorable, Messy Inclusive Play

Messy play in our Mud Kitchen offers children a social way to engage in tactile activities.

We are experts at incorporating reflective, calm gardens; active play such as climbing and exercising; creative musical instruments; imaginative art and drama as well as engaging engineering all into one play space – there is truly something for everyone to discover and explore. We stimulate their minds and imaginations by inspiring creativity through open-ended opportunities for child-initiated play of all levels and abilities.

Integrating Learning and Play

We encourage cognitive development outside, through the introduction of science, literacy, numeracy and extensive cross-curricular learning through our playground markings and innovative outdoor resources. We talk to children and teachers and learn from them, by listening to their passions and needs.

As a result, we get to be part of so many children’s outdoor play journeys and enjoy hearing your feedback, for example finding out how your children love to experiment and learn side by side by using our water wall and mud kitchen for creative fun, making memorable, messy play experiences together. We endeavour to encourage active problem solving and strategic thinking, through all our creative, inclusive play solutions.

Quiet Areas for Reflection

Children can sit in quiet, sheltered spaces where they can talk, read and relax.

An inclusive playground encourages all children to interact, communicate and socialise through outdoor play, naturally improving all children’s happiness and well-being. Quiet, reflective areas where children can rest, chat and engage in reading, acting and music provide the perfect retreat for children to relax and take time out, as well as providing opportunities for imaginative play.

We love how our play dens and teepees are helping your children to achieve moments of calm in an otherwise busy world… we are happy to be helping to create playgrounds that foster friendships and support wellness and well-being and that promote positive play experiences for all.

Bringing A New Perspective

For many children who experience life from a wheelchair perspective, we love the excitement when they realise that they can swing and spin alongside their peers and reach dizzying heights and speeds, unlike ever before! We can find the right swings, adventure towers and roundabouts to enable your children to fully participate in inclusive, fun, play experiences. We offer equipment at different heights and hand build picnic benches which offer wheelchair access and seating side-by-side. Nothing is impossible with Schoolscapes’ bespoke approach to every playground creation.

With messy play high on our agenda, we have covered, themed and construction sandpits, also suitable for loose material play. We have a vibrant painting station, enabling children to explore texture and colour even during break times. Our gardening range allows children to plant, get muddy and watch plants develop and grow, whilst being carefully nurtured by the children.

We love to hear about your successful planting stories and how children have been able to harvest their own foods to eat. The added bonus of gardening is the sensory opportunities that effortlessly arise: with observing, smelling, tasting, touching and listening all naturally occurring, we love nothing more than helping children to experience these sensations right there in their own outdoor play space. For many children suffering from sensory deprivation or with specific autistic and sensory needs, sensory play can provide great benefit and be their favourite time of day.

At Schoolscapes we design all our playgrounds to provide truly hands-on, outdoor experiences, where children thrive and learn side-by-side, by offering activities that challenge and interest every learner. We are very happy with our legacy of providing inclusive, all-encompassing play areas for parks and schools across the nation for over 20 years.

We look forward to working with your team soon, to create an amazing, inclusive, unique outdoor play space for you and your children to enjoy for many years to come.

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