How Wood Primary School

How Wood Primary School Fitness Trail

Fitness Trail and Outdoor Classroom

How Wood Primary School and Nursery had some old equipment which didn’t meet the needs of the children. Because the school was tight on space at break-times we found a new location away from the tarmac on the field; this hadn’t been considered before, due to the need to have access to the equipment all year around. The school went for grant funding to try increasing the amount they had to spend from the PTA budget and to enable them to incorporate an outdoor classroom.

The Headteacher, Business Manager and PTA worked together to select the equipment and ensure it was suitable for the whole school with the upper body, core strength and balance being a priority. The school wanted the outdoor classroom to be sufficiently open in order to make it easy to supervise, as well as using it as a place to view sports activities from.

Conclusions and Feedback

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from Schoolscapes from the very first meeting with Schoolscapes and through the whole process up to and including installation. Everyone has been very helpful and have been able to answer any queries that we have had. This has all helped to make the project go smoothly.”

How Wood Primary School Fitness Trail

“The equipment itself looks great and the children are very excited about using it! It will definitely make a huge difference to them.”

Karen Greaves, Business Manager at How Wood Primary School and Nursery

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