How to Implement STEM into Your Playground

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Children all learn in different ways. While there are those who benefit more from learning inside the classroom, others may prefer the more hands-on approach. Learning through play can be a very effective method of teaching, giving children the chance to build knowledge through something they enjoy doing. You can easily integrate the four key disciplines of STEM education into your playground for both play times and outdoor teaching.


Science Play and Learning

Scientific topics and ideas come into many forms of play. From cause and effect to the observation and maintenance of nature, you can fill your playground with science in ways that children can learn from without even realising.

Try adding an observatory to your grounds – this allows children to get up close with insects and natural materials without disturbing them to watch how they behave.


Linking Learning And Outdoor Play

With the apparent rise in our need for technology, it is clear why children need to learn how it works and how to get the very best from it. While it is widely used in the classroom, it is not prominent on the playground – this is arguably a good thing, however in a time where technology rules everything we do it is wise to find a way to teach children how it can be used to better our lives aside from entertainment uses.


Playground STEM Activities - Engineering

Children are the future. It is vital that we encourage them to become aware of tools, structures and the environment. Sand play is a great go-to in this sense as it gives children the opportunity to work with tools and manipulate the material.

For the early years, block play is a great place for children to start, moving into the more intricate style of this with Lego. Understanding how pieces fit and support each other to build stable structures is something children will gain a lot from learning at a young age.

Our Construction Station is a diverse all-rounder in the eyes of engineering play. Children can get stuck into sand play while learning more about the weight and consistency of sand and mud. Pullies and buckets are included to give them the sense of working on a construction site, where they can try and build structures and shapes out of the materials available.


Playground STEM Activities - Maths

There are many skills children will learn from their play, and mathematics can be one of them. You may be surprised to find that children who struggle to understand maths will pick up concepts better the more and more they integrate it into their play.

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