Gunvenna Holiday Park - Climber

Gunvenna Holiday Park

A Cornish Holiday Park wanting an active play area for the children staying on the park, suitable for a varied age group. The Andes Climber, Eagle Nest Swing and Springer were the perfect combination that offered active play for all ages. Play Sand acted as both a feature and safety surface, helping to keep the project within it's budget while also giving it that “holiday” feel, blending it naturally with it's coastal surroundings.

Immersive Beach Adventures

There is much to be experienced in a park which was designed based on its location. Built to inspire the imagination, children can set sail, using the climber as a way to climb the mast and search the sandy island for treasure. Being by the coast is not a problem for our equipment. All timber used in our products is treated to guarantee a long, healthy life, allowing children to play, climb and run until their heart's content.
Gunvenna Holiday Park - Eagle Nest Swing
Gunvenna Holiday Park - Springer
Gunvenna Holiday Park - Climbing Challenges
Gunvenna Holiday Park - Climbing Walls