Motivating Little Movers With Movable Mountains

Little Movers Playground Equipment

Get your Little Movers Motivated with Movable Mountains!

Lucky EYFS practitioners and children are loving this new, innovative range of miniature climbing equipment. Why has no-one ever made this product before? It’s such a simple, but original idea! It’s so great to finally have a clever range of portable, wooden, play trail components that staff can easily move around whenever they wish, rejuvenating EYFS outdoors areas and re-energising the children. The truly mobile Little Movers Range creates such a flexible and creative play space! No week, or even day, need ever be the same!

Even inspiring young children to come up with their own play trail designs, this play equipment can be altered around easily to create different, exciting and imaginative worlds! Why not change the Little Movers equipment around in your space to create a route through a wild jungle or across a dusty, lunar landscape?

The options for creativity are endless. The Little Movers Range is so versatile and can help EYFS teachers to make the most of their unique space, as equipment can be used on slopes and in the corners of play areas; re-positioning this mobile equipment can even provide different degrees of challenge for the children to negotiate during their self-initiated discovery and play.

Already, children are loving challenging themselves and their friends to explore their own, unique mini-assault courses and are demonstrating great excitement every time a new route is created.

These beautifully crafted, wooden obstacles are all inspired by nature and perfect to be explored during free flow time. The beautifully smooth, rounded Scandinavian Redwood is gorgeous for children to both smell and to touch. The ropes are steel-reinforced and built to last. All products are designed and built with young children in mind and conform to the outdoor playground safety standard BSEN1176, as specified by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). All the timber is sourced from sustainable woodland and quality assured, with a sanded finish to reduce splintering. So little explorers can scramble, climb and balance in safety, all day long.

Scramble Through Fun

Little explorers love investigating inside the portable Little Movers Tunnel with its beautiful, curvy, wooden entrances and enjoy scurrying, quickly through or hiding inside. It also provides a lovely peaceful, shady area for a rest or somewhere hidden away to pause for a moment of quiet reflection.

Another popular product for the Early Years outdoors area, is the Timber Play Mound & Tunnel; children love scrambling over the grassy mound or zooming through the tunnel, heading onward to discover more clambering adventures lying beyond. The Timber Play Mound can be surfaced with a wide range of long-lasting playground surfacing; artificial grass, wet pour or play bark etc. Both products are perfect for inspiring imaginative play and creativity.

Clambering Across

Mixing up mobile, climbing obstacles with various traversing options, creates an interesting play trail for all little adventurers; child-led activity on these supports the development of different physical skills, improving children’s balance and agility.

The Early Years Clatter Bridge and Early Years Scramble Bridge are all fun, natural, wooden obstacles that promote independence and risk taking, at a safe level for young children. Little explorers love successfully clambering to the other side and continually grow in self-confidence, as they grow in strength, courage and agility.

Climbing Up and Over

The Little Movers Range has so many great climbing options, that develop children’s grip and core strength. It is so important to help little ones develop both their fine and gross motor-skills and climbing equipment will naturally motivate children to learn new skills, through discovery, experimentation and play.

The Early Years Up & Over Climber, Early Years Push & Pull Climber, Early Years Rock Ramp Climber, Early Years Pull Up Climber, Early Years Stretch & Scramble Climber offer little, intrepid mountaineers the chance to stretch, reach and climb using a combination of rope pulls, rope ladders, climbing walls and scramble nets. Children enthusiastically free flow through the outdoors area, inspired to create their own personal, active adventures… whether it’s to cross the barren Ant-arctic or to climb up to the highest Amazon Tree!

Balancing and Stretching

The Little Movers Range is ideal for developing children’s balance. The fun, inter-changeable balancing obstacles offer challenge to young children and develop determination and concentration skills.

The Early Years Balance Walk encourages children to learn to successfully cross to the other side, at a level that is safe for them: the Early Years Slope Walk provides even more challenge by children having to practise and master traversing on an incline or a descent; the Early Years Zig-Zag Balance Beam provides a fun, interesting way to cross the play area, allowing children to practise changing direction, whilst balancing and helps them to develop greater control over their body movements; the Early Years Step Challenge motivates little movers to negotiate uneven, spaced out, wooden steps; the Early Years Ladder Stepper develops children’s spatial awareness and agility, as young learners traverse the horizontal, low level ladder; the Early Years Leap Logs provide a fun balancing option, where children can stretch and leap from log to log, as they become brave little frogs trying to cross spaced-out lily pads on a pond!

The Little Movers Range offers EYFS staff great value for money. It provides so many clever portable options for creating a truly inspirational and varied Early Years outdoor play space. Its true magic lies in the way it facilitates EYFS practitioners to actively respond to learners needs and allows the outdoors learning space to be adapted accordingly. It offers possibilities for real creativity and purposeful playground design.

This explains why both Early Years practitioners and children alike, love the flexibility and quality of this inspirational, new range and why those intrepid teachers that have embarked on the portable, wooden play equipment journey will never go back to using solely, static, fixed equipment in the Early Years again!

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