Overhaul needed in local parks…

St. Tudy Playing Fields - Park Transformation

Overhaul needed in local parks so disabled children can join the fun!

Disabled children are often left out of the fun at local playgrounds because of poor design and a lack of consideration for their needs. But now disability equality charity Scope has started a campaign to help parents fighting for change.

Playgrounds should be enjoyable places for all children, but too often disabled children are left out because of badly designed play areas that don’t take their needs into account. This can be really frustrating and upsetting for both children and parents.

Scope’s new campaign is calling on councils and other decision-makers to take disabled children’s needs into account when designing or refurbishing playgrounds. With more inclusive playgrounds, disabled children can enjoy the same opportunities to play and have fun as their non-disabled peers.

Schoolscapes provides innovative outside play solutions for children with a range of additional needs. We believe that every child has a right to experience adventure and develop essential key skills through exploration and play. Our disabled-friendly playgrounds are designed to give all children the chance to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

So let’s make disabled children’s inclusion in playgrounds a priority – it’s time for a change!

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