Create Future Sports Stars!

MUGA - Create Future Sports Stars!

Global sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon always hope to inspire the young sportsmen and women of the future. Success in a sport comes through practice and dedication, as well as through talent.  But where would the top sports stars be today if they had never had the chance to even try their sport?

Here at Schoolscapes, we believe that all children should have the chance to engage in different sports, so they can discover which they enjoy, which they are good at and which they’d like to focus on into the future.

One way for schools to effectively enable all pupils to participate in a wide range of sports, is to install a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). MUGAs are ideal for maximising physical activity during PE lessons, break times & after-school clubs and can even benefit the wider community. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of designers can help you make the most of your school grounds, by creating the perfect MUGA for your setting in 3 simple steps.

Choose your MUGA fencing

MUGA - Sports Area Fencing

We offer both Sports Fencing and Heavy-Duty Fencing which are perfect for securing a site and ensuring the safety of pupils, as well as stopping those balls from annoyingly rolling away into the distance and taking time away from the game! Our design team can advise you on the right size MUGA to make the most of your site.

Decide upon your court design and markings

MUGA Sports Markings

We offer a comprehensive choice of surfacing and marking options and can design an area that meets all your requirements. The possibilities for making your MUGA a very versatile sporting venue are limitless. Specialised sports surfaces allow all-weather access and are designed for safety.

Enhance your MUGA by adding sports features

MUGA Sports Features

Why not turn your MUGA into an inspiring sports zone by adding some interesting, fun sports elements such as targets, goals and nets to enable children to develop their sports skills to play competitively in a team and to set and beat their own personal targets.

Your children will benefit both physically and mentally from developing their sports skills in an amazing, new MUGA facility and it will help to create a lasting sporting legacy for your school. You never know where the next sporting hero will come from!

Daily access to a MUGA during playtimes and P.E lessons will help to improve pupils’ well-being, physical fitness and social and emotional skills throughout the school day. It also keeps ball games contained, so they do not interrupt other children’s active play.

So, if you feel inspired to be able to provide a top-quality tennis court or football pitch for your pupils, to put into practice skills learnt from watching events such as Wimbledon or the World Cup, get in touch with our expert Schoolscapes team and we will help you achieve a beautiful, modern Multi-Use Games Area right from the design process, to hassle-free installation, through to aftercare and advice.

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