Twisty Rope Climber

Delabole Park

The Cornish Parish Council of Delabole were excited to replenish their tired, metal play equipment that was ageing fast in their public park. Our solution to them was to add wooden, more natural-looking equipment and more effective safety surfacing in the form of rubber bark.

Looking to work in phases, the council moved forward with our design proposal that included a Twisty Rope Climber and one of our ever-popular Treetops Climbers. The park has been busy ever since, with children getting active, healthy play opportunities.

“Originally we had a mound here and they [the community] wanted to keep it, but now the parents can see that we have great new play equipment, they are over the moon. ”

Pete Homans - Parish Councillor - Cornwall
Rope Bridge
Monkey Bars
Treetops 5
Scramble Net Climber