Playground Inspection Checklist

Playground Inspection

Regularly inspecting both the equipment and the grounds of a playground installation ensures it remains a safe place for children to play and have fun. It helps to plan and follow a timetable of regular playground inspections, which then results in any required maintenance work or preventative actions being detected and implemented as soon as possible.

In an educational setting, playgrounds should be inspected by a responsible member of staff on a daily basis, or before less regular use, to ensure that the playing space remains safe. However, a more detailed, scheduled, regular maintenance inspection should always take place. This can be easily set up and carried out in-house by your establishment and then any advice sought regarding any maintenance work required.


Get Comfy, World Book Day is on the Horizon

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day this March

At Schoolscapes we truly understand the importance of reading and learning from books all the year around. But, we particularly love to join in with this fun celebration of books and reading for World Book Day on 5th March 2020, alongside all the schools, nurseries and families out there! For many, this provides an opportunity to celebrate authors, illustrators, poets, books of all types and genres and more importantly just the power of reading!


The Truth about how Movement effects Children

5 Senses, 6 Senses… or should it be 7?

Did you know that children of different ages and nationalities have been reported to be frequently falling off their chairs at school?  Why are more and more children finding it hard to hold a pencil and lack the stamina to write, for even short periods of time? Why do children lose focus and have shorter attention spans? What has contributed to a huge rise in attention deficit disorders? It may sound like an unreal scenario, but unfortunately, this is the daily reality and challenge faced by many teachers across the country.

So, what has changed over the decades, to make simple, everyday tasks more of a physical challenge for young people today? Here are 3 of the contributing factors affecting children today.


Fundamental Benefits from Free Play

What is Free Play

What is Free Play?

Free Play used to be a part of the childhood experience, a process that was natural and taken for granted, not something to be instigated or contrived. However, times have changed and sadly the opportunities for children to play and explore freely have greatly diminished over the decades, so much so that now parents and educators are starting to think about ways to actively engage children more in a world of free play. More

Celebrating Inclusion And Diversity Through Play

Our planet is so diverse. People, places and cultures all vary and make up the fascinating world we live in. In the same way, no child is the same. Every child is wonderfully unique and will embrace different learning styles. They will find various elements of life easy, challenging, frightening or comforting at differing stages in their lives. Children develop and learn at their own individual pace and thrive through accessing a wide variety of stimulating, fun and inspirational experiences.