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Do you have an awkward space in your school where you just can’t envisage a new, functional play space fitting in? Maybe you have a hill or a mound that just sits in the way of your otherwise perfect space. Have you considered making the most of such obstacles by integrating them into exciting and unique playground designs?

Schoolscapes want you to have the fun, educational playground your school deserves, so we offer a bespoke service that gives you the opportunity to design something unique with us, just for your school.

What can we design for you?

We have designed and built an extensive range of bespoke projects. Whether you want a Beacon Tower integrated into a hill, a mound added to your landscape or just a personal message on the top of your Arch, tell us your ideas and our expert design team will bring them to life.

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Our Popular Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Tower Bridge

Tor Bridge High Primary School had a bare outside area after being built in 2012. The school wanted something different and exciting.

We built them two mounds from which a Bespoke Double Tower with a connecting bridge and viewing platforms could stand, over looking the rest of the playground and their new MUGA below.

Tower Bridge - Tor Bridge

Personalised Signage

Carrying your school's own identity into the playground can be difficult to get right. You may wish to incorporate your school's colours, emblem or even just your school's name

Gayhurst made the most of signage across their play area giving it a consistent theme. The welcome Arch displays their personalised message while their name and emblem are proudly displayed on top of their Beacon Tower.

Personalised Signage

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Bespoke Beacon Towers

Traditionally, our Beacon Double Towers are designed to be the same height with a connecting bridge. For The Park at Mawgan Porth, we designed them a variation on this classic product.

This sea-themed Adventure Tower is designed to suit a multitude of users with its multi-height decks offering a slope between both decks.

Bespoke Beacon Double Tower - Mawgan Porth

Inclusive Hexagonal Hives

The Hexagonal Hive is a tower allowing children of all abilities to play together. Different sized ramps have been implemented to the initial design of this tower to suit the needs of the school's pupils.

Children using wheel chairs should easily be able to access the top of the tower in their school playground, and so we gladly help ideas like these become a reality.

Bespoke Hexagonal Hub Tower