The Benefits of Storytelling


Storytelling has stood the test of time, and within many schools, reading takes priority over all home learning. In the current situation, reading and learning to tell and adapt stories can benefit both children and adults while assisting homeschooling.

We all love stories, whether a fascinating story around a campfire; an exciting tale of heritage and history, passed down through the generations; an enjoyable novel on holiday or listening to a child’s first go at stringing events together in an accurate or amusing traditional or personal tale.

Storytelling is a celebration of all things story: from adventure stories to traditional tales, from mysteries to science fiction. Stories inspire the imagination and record histories from modern-day to the distant past. Storytelling supports the acquirement of so many skills from baby, through to child and onward into adulthood. It provides a holistic approach to personal development, building upon vocabulary, memory, imagination, emotional awareness and informing physical, spiritual and intellectual understanding.

Life After Lockdown

At Schoolscapes, we genuinely value the importance of storytelling and creative and imaginative thinking, and this informs a large part of our innovative, outdoor playground designs. Why limit storytelling to the indoors? The opportunities to inspire children both through quality books and through physical, active storytelling outdoors are limitless.

That’s why we love to include a fantastic storytelling area in our playground projects, allowing a tailor-made cosy Storytelling corner or an exciting story den to be integrated into your outdoor play space. We can work with any space or constraints, just let us know your thoughts and dreams for your school’s outdoor play area.

A firm favourite is our robust, magical Storyteller’s Chair. Both children and adults love it! It adds a special element of mystery to any storytelling zone. Who knows what story will be told or read next? The fun addition of colourful, versatile Story Seating Cubes allows anyone to store and access puppets, costumes, books or props, that can be altered to match a current story topic or theme.

Storytelling Corner for Reading and Learning

Our beautiful Promise Stage creates an inspiring, vibrant venue for children to act out or create their own plays for peers, the whole school or for parents. It enables children to engage in storytelling through free play and in curriculum teaching time. Pupils will grow in confidence and self-esteem, whilst developing important language skills: both speaking and listening skills will naturally improve!

Storytelling through Free Play

A secret place to snuggle and share stories is another way to inspire fantastic storytelling in your outdoor space. Whether placed in an open playground or hidden away amongst beautiful greenery, a Jungle Play Den or Teepee provides the perfect place to share, read or create a unique new story.

Outdoor, Social Reading Spaces

That’s the beauty of storytelling… there is no right or wrong. Stories can be short or long, funny or serious, factual or nonsense! They supply a lovely escape from the world around us, something that every one of us appreciates at some time!

So why not highlight the importance of storytelling, with a fun plan of story-related activities? Children love to hear about where the adults read and what they like to read (within reason!). A Storytelling Wall with friends and family engaged in storytelling is a fun way to start celebrating all things story! Above all, have fun reminiscing and sharing stories both new and old.

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