Become Part of Royal Wedding History!

Royal Wedding

What could be more British, fun and memorable, than joining in with the celebrations of the latest royal wedding? Why not create an outdoor celebratory event that will live in your children’s memories forever?

Get your pupils involved in history in the making, by holding a fun royal wedding celebration in your school. The children can design menus, recipes, invitations, bunting, flags, hats, crowns, placemats, table clothes and even wedding clothes for themselves, teachers or the royal couple! The opportunities for creative writing and art and design are limitless!

Why not invite the wider community to join you in the celebration, from the PTA to your local senior citizens? Children could compose and perform music for the grand occasion and perform it outside on a stage or in the playground. They would also love to design outdoor instruments and could use recycled materials to create their own colourful musical instruments!

It would be great fun to design a new royal stamp for party invitations and to decorate the school grounds with colourful bunting and flags. Children can learn about past street parties celebrating momentous events in British history and discover how things have changed and may be surprised at what has remained the same.

Tea and scones would be a simple option or why not create a whole royal picnic or street party in your setting? Weighing and measuring, mixing and cooking are all great ways to incorporate maths and science knowledge and skills into a fun learning activity and children will benefit from using and applying their skills in a real-life scenario.

Why not get active outdoors and re-create the royal celebrations of yesteryear, with traditional obstacle races and fun events? Who remembers the community sack races, space hopper races and wheelbarrow races held for past royal celebrations?! Unforgettable moments! Physical activity and laughter will embed this piece of modern British history in children’s minds for decades to come.

So why not make history come alive in your school and make it an event to remember, as well as taking the opportunity to apply knowledge and understanding in a truly cross-curricular and current learning theme?

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